The No Gunk Story

By Sal Essa

Founder of No Gunk


Being a 90s kid growing up, the go to product for a killer hairstyle was hair gel. I used to treasure the time when I wore gel to look "cool" at school or at a party with friends.


I'd spike my hair up or part it to the side and wait for it to go hard. After a few minutes, I would go from zero to hero in confidence. My hair would have this unnatural shine & it would stay exactly where I told it to.

For men, gel was like what a suit is to a businessman - characteristic. It was great for it's time, and some of us old school dudes still swear by it. But didn't you hate not being able to touch your hair, or letting your lady for that matter, without having to wash your hands? The nail in the coffin for me was either sleeping in the hard gunk or having to rinse my head in a small sink at the end of a funky day.

Later in my teenage years, wax & clay came into the scene. At first sight, it reminded me of Play-Doh minus the colour. My oh my was it cool! I'd dab some on my hands, rub them together (getting stuck in the process) & work it carefully into my hair. To my surprise, unlike gel, this would leave my hair looking matte & quite natural. 

Despite the natural look it gave off, neither wax nor clay won my heart in the end. It still had the same gunky problems as gel, plus, every time i'd put it in, it would yank out strands of my hair. I got sick of it.


I was literally losing hair over gunk! It was time funk up a gunk free solution to men's hair styling & it was time to do it myself. At 21, after starting a few businesses before, I decided to take on the big boys for size with No Gunk. 


Our Vision

To funk up the grooming & hair styling game for Funky Fellas.

We're a movement, we're disruptive & we're a lifestyle for Funky Fellas.

Our Mission

Make funkin' awesome innovative grooming products. 

Redefine grooming & style for the Funky Fella.

Give them what they need, when they need it, whilst having a funky time.



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