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The Top 3 Men's Hairstyle Trends of 2017

by Sal Essa

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

 Trends... Love 'em or hate 'em, it's better to know about them before than after the event. With that in mind, we're offering our top 3 predictions on the hairstyles we think are going to dominate the heads of Funky Fellas worldwide.

Bear in mind, these are based on popular culture and, as always, we encourage you to be a be a trendsetter, and not be afraid of making mistakes. You may just discover you're onto something great.


 1. The Swept Back Slack


This style is best modeled by Oscar Nominated British actor Dev Patel, who sported this in the film Lion. Albeit a long version of it, this style encompasses looking smart and mature, whilst looking natural and like you didn't try too hard. The 'slack' is hence in the name because quite rightly, the hair is loose and touchable, flowing naturally and not held tightly into position like a wax doll. Looking good Dev!

Don't have hair that long? You can also achieve this style with short hair on the sides and a neatly cut medium length top, as modeled by moi. Whatever the length, rockin' this with a beard is highly recommended.



2. High & Tight Buzz Cut

We've seen this one emerging, haven't we? Take a look at Ryan Reynolds showcasing this one. Top class, low maintenance, quick out the shower. You can't go wrong (unless you use some gunk to style it!)

Just please don't do a Kanye...


3. The Modern 'Short Side' Side Part

    Last but not least we have Justin Timberlake himself getting in on the modern man's rendition of the side part, with extermely short sides, blended into the top and slightly less short back. This look suits just about any face and I feel takes you on the leap from boy to man.

    How to Style These Funky Looks

    All of these styles tap into the trend for a natural look which shows off some slack.

    To achieve these looks you must also keep your beard well conditioned and neatly shaped up, or, if you don't have a beard, keeping it smooth with a clean shave.

    Without a doubt, the product to help you achieve your new look in 2017 is the No Gunk Grooming Spray, which covers all your bases. From hairstyling to beard care & pre-shave.

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    Sal Essa
    Sal Essa


    Sal Essa is the Chief Funky Fella & Founder of No Gunk. Fluent in French & Spanish, during his spare time he enjoys travelling, improving his Mandarin & learning from great entrepreneurs and brands.

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